Why you should see a hypnotherapist during pregnancy


When people think of hypnosis, they think of someone staying on a stage and being transformed into an object. But the truth is that hypnosis is not used only for entertainment purposes, it is a therapy that can help women during the different stages of their pregnancies. If you are pregnant, then you should see a hypnotherapist in Birmingham, because they will help you cope with pain, morning sickness and even the actual delivery. Princess Kate Middleton used hypnotherapy to treat morning sickness and food aversion when she was pregnant, so why not giving a chance. Hypnosis is a natural therapy, that helps women deal with the complications related to pregnancy and you should make sure that you find a reliable specialist that can help you during this period.

Benefits of hypnosis

It is widely known that hypnotherapy is used since the 1930s to help expecting moms achieve relaxation and physical comfort. In addition, it is considered that this therapy is effective in shortening the labour time and helping you recover quickly. It can help you sleep deeper and better and it can lower your blood pressure. Many women are dealing with postpartum depression, and if you will find yourself in this position, then you can talk with a hypnotherapist because they will help you. It is also considered that it can help nausea and heartburn. The expecting moms who are using this therapy are more relaxed and focused.

How hypnosis works?

The process begins by you lying down and taking slow and deep breaths for five minutes. When you are fully relaxed, the hypnotherapist will make you suggestions out loud. Some of these suggestions may include that your stomach is relaxed and calm, that your baby is healthy, relaxed and calm, and that you feel strong. The more relaxed you will feel the more comfortable your baby will feel, and you will be able to maintain this state even after you end the session. Sometimes the therapist puts their hands on your stomach and they may suggest you do the same when you do not feel good.

Why does hypnotherapy work?

The main reason this therapy is effective is that the conscious acts as a gatekeeper to your subconscious and under hypnosis you will be able to access your subconscious mind and make the conscious inactive. In this way, you will access the part of the brain that deals with pain, stress and emotions and you will be able to control them


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