What to eat to avoid infertility

Provided of course that infertility isn’t caused by a serious medical condition and that both partners are biologically fit, nutrition has been proven to affect fertility in many cases. Many doctors and nutritionists advise women on what to eat or not to eat when they wish to become pregnant, in order to avoid problems and challenges in this area. Furthermore, several studies have been conducted in the field, all showing that certain changes in a woman’s diet can actually enhance the chances of a healthy ovulation, not to mention that it can prevent miscarriages and support healthy pregnancies. Some nutritionists call it a fertility diet and it’s quite different from the regular healthy diets that people read or learn about and that are designed to maintain a fit and healthy body. These diets focus greatly on a flourishing reproductive system, so it’s not just about eating whole foods and staying away from sodas.

Hormones have building blocks which are found in many of the foods women and men eat. BrocoliHowever, some aliments can also protect the sperm and the egg from free radicals, through the antioxidants that they comprise. Therefore, some nutrients are good and suitable for a fertility diet, while others, especially the chemicals that are added to foods, are harmful and can lead to infertility or at least, difficulties in getting pregnant. You can find a lot of resources on the web about what’s in a fertility diet and you shouldn’t be surprise if you find foods that seem strange to you or that are completely new. It’s probably just because you never thought about looking for them or purchasing them from supermarkets, as they weren’t on your list of groceries until now. Anyway, though you may find several variations of fertility diets, foods that are rich in iron will be on each and every one of them. Green vegetables are very rich in inorganic iron, which reduces the risk of infertility connected to irregular ovulation. An US study concluded that significant amounts of iron in the blood will better oxygenate the ovaries and the follicles. Eat a lot of green salad, spinach or sorrel, as well as plenty of fruits.


The doctors from the Shanghai Oncology Center have discovered that Asian women are far less prone to endometrium tumors than women in the West and the explanation is soy. Eating a lot of soy will lead to an increased level of isoflavones, which are estrogen plant hormones. As far as diary sources go, a fertility diet will focus on raw, whole fat, organic, grass-fed dairy, warning though on the risks of body congestion, which can occur because of milk or cheese. If you want an alternative to diary, you can always go for hemp milks or fresh almond. However, a yogurt eaten every day will significantly reduce the risk of candidoses, which is one of the most popular genital inflammations.Red pepper


A lot of couples are trying to get pregnant for a very long time before succeeding, even though there is nothing biologically wrong with any of the partners, which proves that sometimes biology needs a little push or help and a fertility diet can really help you get here faster and healthier. Just make sure you consult your doctor and a professional nutritionist, in order to make absolutely sure you are on the right track.


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