What to eat in the winter time?

Since winter is rapidly approaching, it is about time to change your diet and go for a special one, this way you can be sure that your health is kept safe from the flu or a severe cold. When most people picture the perfect food to eat in the winter they are usually thinking about a comfort food that will warm up their bodies. However, before your get started on a turkey soup recipe you should know that a proper winter diet should be a lot more consistent than just soups. The winter diet as many specialists have named it, is nothing else than an enhanced eating habit. The human body needs several vitamins, which can give it the necessary strength to face up to the cold and to the many viruses out there. If your immune system is weakened, then you should know that you are exposed to a high number of possible afflictions such as tonsillitis or strep throat. Knowing what does strep throat look like is not enough to prevent it if your body is vulnerable. The good news is that eating in diverse way can certainly help you to avoid this situation and to deal with problems. So, here are the best fruits and vegetables you should definitely include in your diet.

The best five fruits to eat during the holidayswinter fruits

You might have heard many people saying that oranges smell like Christmas and it is true. Eating oranges and tangerines, while waiting for Santa Clause to arrive is not only a tradition, but it also a healthy diet tip. Oranges, as all citrus fruits have plenty of Vitamin C, which strengthens your body, giving the immune system enough power to fight off dangerous viruses. Because cookies are everywhere on the Christmas dinner table, persimmon fruits are great to keep diabetes in control due to the quantity of antioxidants. It also helps cell to recover faster. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely tasty with prosciutto. Kiwi is another fruit full of vitamin C, even richer than the orange. You can easily add a slice or two in your salad and you are good to go. Guava and pomegranate are extremely helpful in any winter diet because of the amount of antioxidants and vitamins, which can help you stay away from health problems.

winter vegetablesVegetables, the key to a strong health

Doctors all over the world agree that a healthy diet is not made only with fruits, but vegetables play a very important part in eating properly. Given the fact that human body requires a diverse diet, it is only natural to include vegetables that are full of important vitamins, this way helping the body to recover in a fast and sure way. The first vegetable, which seems to be the most beneficial as well, is the cabbage. This is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B and calcium. Magnesium is also very important for the human body and luckily for you, eating cabbage will certainly give you enough magnesium to survive. Artichoke is known as a common winter vegetable, as it is consumed in this season. An important source of fiber and of course, the needed Vitamin C, this vegetable can give your body with the nutrients it craves for. Vegetables and even chicken and turkey soup recipes should be consumed on a regular basis in order to aid digestion and improve the immunity. The most important thing is to not focus on only one aspect such as certain vegetables and fruit. Try to have a diverse diet that combines various fruit and vegetables.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t regard the cold season superficially, because it can do your body a lot of damage. Besides knowing what does strep throat look like so you can avoid infected individuals, a healthy diet is the best prevention method. Most people tend to eat a lot of meat and completely forget about fruits and vegetables, which is a grave mistake. Keep in mind the above mentioned tips and try to make your own diet one which is based on them.

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