What products do you need for healthy skin?

Clear and smooth skin is not just a good base for makeup, it is also a confidence boost and the sign of a healthy lifestyle. With all the ads, commercials, overwhelming beauty launches and thousands of products available, one might think that getting healthy skin costs hundreds and that you need an entire arsenal of skincare products. However, it’s not about quantity: it’s about quality and simplicity. With just four products used regularly, you too can maximise your skin’s potential and help it look happy and glowy every day.


Gentle cleanser


Healthy skin is clean and purified. Wash your face every morning and evening, but make sure you use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. For inspiration, check out these Asap products targeted at sensitive skin. Cleanser is important because it washes off sebum and impurities and allows other products to easily sync into the skin. Tempting as they might be, scrubs and heavily fragranced cleansers can be harmful, because they irritate the skin or make it produce more oil. When it comes to cleansers, less is more.


Moisturiser for your skin type


After you’ve cleansed your skin properly, you can apply moisturiser. If you don’t want to buy three different products, you can use the same cream for day, night and around the eyes. It’s very important to invest in a natural formula that caters for your skin’s needs. Those with dry skin need a heavier, balm-like texture that provides intense nourishment, but oily skin needs moisture too. If you have oily skin, you still moisture, but your cream needs to have a lighter or gel-like texture.


AHA exfoliants


AHA exfoliants have gained popularity recently and they have emerged as a safer alternative to scrubs. AHAs are chemical exfoliants that gently remove dead skin cells and provide a fresh and glowy complexion without you having to scrub your face with harsh particles. As a plus, they also have anti-aging properties and help diminish the look for fine lines. Be careful though: start with a lower AHA concentration, because these acids can be a bit tingly at first. Once you feel that your skin is getting used to the ingredient, you can increase the concentration. AHA exfoliants should be applied at night time and you should always wear high SPF the next day.



High protection sunscreen


Sun protection is not just for the beach. You need SPF every day, as long as you’re outside. During the colder seasons SPF 30 is enough, but during the summer you need at least SPF 50, not just because you can get a sunburn, but also because ultra violet rays harm your skin in time, reducing its elasticity, causing wrinkles and dark spots. The sun is the main external aging factor and you should protect your skin against it, whether you’re going to the beach or to run errands. SPF creams can be a bit thick and sticky, so test several products until you find something that doesn’t break you out and doesn’t make your skin too shiny during the day.

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