What makes Thai massage a special form of therapy

People usually prefer Swedish massage because it is relaxing, but there are persons that need a massage that gets to the roots of their pain. When they decide to experiment massage for helping them treat their pain they can choose from shiatsu, deep tissue massage or Thai massage. If they want to feel stretchy and energised they should have a session of Thai massage. Many people consider that Thai massage is somewhere between massage and Pilates, because they feel very stretched after they tried it. Thai massage Sydney CBD is known as a healing art, and people give great feedback about it.


Why is Thai massage different

It is considered a special type of massage because it places the patient’s body in different positions, in trying to release and open tension from their body. The therapist places the patient’s body in positions similar to yoga, but the patient does not to put any effort. While using stretching techniques the therapist also applies deep pressure techniques. This therapy is done on a floor mat and the therapist does not use any type of oil. A patient will feel surprised when entering in a Thai massage spa because he will notice very little furniture. Before or during the rest of massage herbal pack are applied, to make it more effective. The difference between Thai massage and shiatsu is that the first one focuses on stretching techniques and the other one applying pressure techniques. Thai massage is more dynamic that shiatsu and it is very effective in getting rid of tiredness and pain.

Main elements of Thai massage

Some elements make this massage therapy so unique. While a therapy session, any patient will notice the stretching and range of motion he is supposed to do. The moves may vary from a practitioner to another, but they are always present. Another element is that this type of massage is designed for the whole body, and is done in more than one position. It is focused on treating all the energy lines and meridians on the patient body, and to do this practitioners use both forceful and light touches. Depending on the practitioner, different type of pressure is applied but they all have to use it in their movements and touch. If the therapist is a master then he will apply a light touch that has a deep effect. While a session of Thai massage the therapist will use herb packs instead of oils. Many people do this type of massage to increase their flexibility. Some people have the wrong idea that it is not relaxing, but skilled therapists help patients achieve a great state of relaxation. While a session of massage, both hands and feet are used in doing bodywork. Many type of massage use tables but this one is applied on the floor.  Therapists use this way of delivering massage because it gives a certain feel. Every therapist has the opportunity of customising the massage he gives.

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