Understanding the dependent personality disorder

Unfortunately, people are not quite aware of the many problems that society can lead to. Dependent personality disorder is a very common problem in our world and many individuals have no idea that they are suffering from this disease. Because there is no pain involved, people having an uncommon behavior do not seek the help of a doctor and this can only lead to further damage. This social disorder has made the lives of many harder to bear on their own, which is why it is about time to fully understand it and get the right help. As any other behavior illness, the patient sees the world and everything in it in a different way than others and for that reason he or she develops the need to act in consequence. As the human being is a social being, the perspective of the outside world can be at times distorted, which eventually leads to a modified behavior. Even though individuals search for happiness at all times, people suffering for dependent personality disorder suffer greatly throughout this process, as everything is enhanced in their way of understanding reality. Here are a few characteristics belonging to this illness.

Viewing the outside otherscomparing yourself

It is very hard for a DPD patient to view other people, who are surrounding him, as everyone else is considered more capable of running his own life. People suffering from this disease are convinced that any action performed by anyone else except himself will turn out to be much better, as he is incapable of handling responsibilities. It has been noticed that DPD patients are not willing to lead a group and they are always looking to receive orders than to give them. This characteristic is strongly connected to the fact that people surrounding him are viewed as being competent and powerful and often DPD patients idealize their friends, family members or even complete strangers. As for the capacity of judgement, this is turned against himself.

self viewingSelf perspective

This disorder will make patients to regard themselves as being incapable human beings, who cannot survive on their own in the modern world. Their focus is not to gain a strong personality or individuality, since they find they have nothing to offer. Moreover, DPD patients will strive to be docile and agreeable at all times, so it will be easy for them to find a leader, another person to tell them what to do. Their self-image is completely distorted and all their suffering becomes bearable. People facing the dependent personality disorder will have a high level of tolerance for the others and and an extremely low one for themselves.

Understanding the idea of coupleDPD couple

As the notion of couple represents one of the socialization peaks, along side friendship and family, DPD patients are bound to have difficulties in correctly understanding this idea. The idea of self sacrifice is a common issue for all patients, as they will force themselves to please their loved on, regardless of their suffering. It must not understood that DPD patients have no values or beliefs, but the fear of being alone and independent scares them so much and they accept to do things that they believe to be wrong. Individuals with DD need to be constantly reminded that the loved ones will not abandon them and if this should happen, they will immediately search for a replacement.

Dependent personality disorder appears to be an ironic fact of life in today’s world, where everyone is searching from their independence and individuality. This disease should not be regarded as a trifle, but as a serious illness, which can lead to a tragic result.

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