Tips for eating healthy at restaurants

Many people find it difficult enough to maintain a healthy eating plan while on the road, either with work or while traveling for pleasure. If you find maintaining a healthy diet while being eating out a real challenge, there are some things that you should keep in mind every time you are in a restaurant. To this extent, you should keep in mind that eating healthy or losing weight doesn’t have to mean constantly eating home-cooked foods or sacrificing your social life. You can still dine out with friends or colleges at restaurants and maintain a guilt-free diet plan without any hassles. The most important aspect is to keep a sense of moderation and to develop a strategy that supports your goals.

First and foremost, you should know that certain menu choices can be tempting especially when it comes to portion sizes. Apart from the fact that many restaurants offer larger than normal portions, it is less likely to be cooked using low-fat cooking methods. In order to avoid eating too many calories, you should become a regular at certain restaurants where you can easily identify foods that are lower in fat. Moreover, the staff will get to know you, which gives you the possibility to make special requests, such as smaller portions, that fit better in your diet plan. Furthermore, you should get the grill versions of the meal instead of the battered and fried version, which allows you to eat meat that is actually healthy for you. When ordering sides, try to replace fries or smashed potatoes with a simple salad. This way you can keep calorie count down and you get those vitamins that are essential for a good health. Of course, you should pay increased attention because some salad dressings are high in fats, sugars, and calories. By asking additional information about the salad dressings, you can find out which is the healthiest one that will support you to your endeavor to maintain a proper weight.eating healthy

When ordering drinks, you should avoid bottled fruit juices because they have undesirably high sugar content. You can switch to fresh-squeezed juices or lemonades with just a bit of sugar syrup or honey. There are also wines that work great with meals and stimulate digestion when drunk in moderation. Above all, you can always stick with plain water, for this is the healthiest drink you can order, which allows you to enjoy your foods to the maximum.

Another good thing thing that you should remember when eating at restaurants is to order soup. Soups usually come as an appetizer, but taking into consideration that portions, sometimes they seem like an actual meal. However, if you order soups, stay away from cream based soups, such as clam chowder or cream mushroom soup, because these types are very high in fats. Broth based soups, such as chicken noodle are always the best option. Putting cream based soups on a pause a bit, you should also avoid cream based pastas and try to stick to the tomato based pasta dishes.

Last but not least, try to eat slowly and avoid eating as much as you can. Chew your food slowly and take time to enjoy your companion and your conversations. Of course, there is something about eating out and sitting in the atmosphere with your friends or colleges that encourages you to clean your plate. But try not to make it a habit! The same thing is valid for the dessert as well so you have to make sure to only have the taste and not the fullness, for it might interfere with your digestion later. As you know, eating healthy at restaurants is not easy at first. The hardest part is to have the power to pass up the foods you know aren’t good for you and to choose you dishes wisely. After all, eating healthy is not a trifle or a caprice, it is a way of life so you should make a habit of it.

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