The main causes for infertility

There are many women out there who are having problems, when it comes to getting pregnant. It seems that even though a great desire to become mothers exists, a number of women are having real issues carrying the pregnancy to term. This is a concern for doctors, as they have been noticing that if women would treat several health problems at the right time, the number of infertility cases would be reduced. Men, as well, can encounter such issues, but unfortunately the percentage of women is higher. There are several causes for infertility, which identified in real time could help you get pregnant without any problems. So, here are the most common ones.


EndometriosisEndometriosis issue

This is a female health condition, in which the endometrial tissue is found outside its normal position, more specifically outside the uterus. This problem will manifest itself through pain during the menstrual periods or intercourse,even  irregular bleeding. Even though the actual cause for endometriosis is unknown, women having this problem running in their family will automatically have more chances of developing it than others. You can easily find out whether or not you are suffering from this disease through a pelvis laparoscopy or transvaginal ultrasound performed in the doctor’s office. Luckily, there are treatments which could help you deal with this issue. For instance, there are surgical solutions, which can help you remove the abnormal tissue or fertility drugs.

ovulation difficultiesOvulation difficulties

You should know that this issue is very common in most couples, as statistics say that 3 out of 10 women have ovulation difficulties. There are two categories of women suffering from this problems, for some it cam be permanent, while for others this problem is discontinuous. In the second case, ovulation occurs over several months and in other periods it simply doesn’t. Doctors have identified several causes for the appearance of this problem and this is what they found. Weight can be a cause, underweight or overweight women have encountered this problem, hormonal causes, a high release of the prolactic hormone, to be precise, even too much exercise can be a cause, for example running on long distances. Women with chronic illnesses like diabetes, kidney failure or cancer have developed ovulation difficulties. To solve infertility problems, a recommended treatment is made up  fertility drugs, combined with in vitro fertilization.

 egg quality

Egg quality

In any woman’s body, there exists a number of eggs, which are released when ovulating. Once they are fertilized, these eggs can produce a child. It is not the number of eggs, which make you a fertile woman, but the quality. Contrary to the general belief, you could have a low number of eggs, but all of good quality and a high number of eggs and have fertility issues. Unfortunately, poor egg quality comes with age. During their ’20s and ’30s, women have a good egg quality, but after crossing a border, chances of carrying a pregnancy to term diminish. This is why doctors encourage women to make babies while they are still young. If you are over the age of 35, when you have decided to have a baby, your eggs will be tested by your doctor and he will able to give you more information about the right treatment scheme.

Sometimes, infertility can also be caused by improper medical practices, such as your gynecologist’s failure to notice issues which could have been prevented without affecting your possibility to reproduce. In these cases, you can file a medical negligence claim, and you can receive some compensation for your damages, but losing the ability to give birth cannot be equaled by any amount of money. Thus, in order to avoid a medical negligence claim, make sure you have a good gynecologist that takes care of every minor issue and which informs you of the right actions to take in order to become pregnant.

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