The Dengue fever sweeps the world

While the Western civilization is far more preoccupied with finding new and innovative ways of losing weight, keeping fit and discovering the best plastic surgery practices on one hand and exploring herbal medicine, natural remedies and green foods on the other, people in India are facing a far more serious problem, an epidemic of the Dengue fever. Also referred to as the breakbone fever, the virus-based infectious disease is transmitted by mosquitoes.

In fact, only some species of mosquito are carrying and transmitting the dengue virus, which has 4 different types. The usual symptoms include fever, hence the name, muscle pains, headache and joint pains, as well as a very specific skin rash. Left untreated and in favorable circumstances, the initial stage of the disease can further develop and turn into the Dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is a life-threatening condition. It manifests itself through bleeding, blood plasma leakage and very low levels of blood platelets. The Dengue fever can also develop into dengue shock syndrome, which is also dangerous because of the low blood pressure. So far, no vaccine is commercially available, which is why the Indian government’s apparent refuse to acknowledge the amplitude of the problem is alarming health experts everywhere, who clearly state that the disease is threatening people not only in India, but all over the globe, so hundreds of millions of people are at danger.

The Dengue fever has known quite the advancement in time, as 60 years ago very few countries were facing the disease, but now it is reported in almost half of the nations around the globe. However, India remains the focal point for this mosquito-borne plague that seems to be sweeping the world. Global health organizations and expert doctors are trying very hard to raise awareness over the severity and seriousness of the problem, as it seems people do not fully comprehend its gravity and the fact that it’s only getting worse. It’s not just the fact that a small part of the people infected with the tropical disease can actually die, but the condition is a very painful one. Moreover, it affects both the Indian people and the Western tourists, who spend their vacations in the Asia Pacific and return to the shores of Europe and United States infected with the virus, thus spreading it further.

The most alarming fact is that the number of sick people in India is growing at a startling rate and the government seems to be taking no measures whatsoever. In the last month only, more than thirty thousand people were recorded to have the virus, which represents 59% more than all of the 2011 year. It’s true, at the moment, the disease is not life threatening for all the infected persons, but at this rate and in these circumstances, where nobody seems to be doing anything, how can we know for sure? And these numbers are only the official, recorded ones. Experts say that, in reality, millions of Indians get infected with the Dengue fever every year.

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