Supplements and health risks

Discussions around supplements are many and the point of view tends to differ. Some specialists regard these products as extremely beneficial for the human body, others are against the idea of taking vitamins from pills and not the actual fruits. The fact of the matter is that when used properly several supplements can be very helpful, especially for people who have problems in the actual assimilation process. There is a small number of supplement users who know when and what products to use, most use it because they heard that their health could improve or in most cases, for a fast weight loss. It is wrong to take pills without a proper advice on behalf of a doctor, who is well aware of your problems and knows how much the human body can endure. Here are a few dangers you are exposing yourself, when taking supplements in a hectic manner.

Too much is too muchvitamin supplement

Take vitamins for instance. People regard any vitamin complex as being harmless, but reality tells you otherwise. The human body does require a certain amount of vitamins and this can increase in the case of pregnant women or elderly people. However, the recommended way to resolve this issue is to have a diverse diet program and regular meals. The body will take as much nutrients as it needs and there will be absolutely no risk of dealing with vitamin excess. Moreover, the human body must not be deprived of using important functions, among which is the actual vitamin extraction. If you give you body only pills, in time this will cause it to slow down and work improperly. Additionally, people taking vitamin complexes on their own are always risking to take too much. After a visit at the doctor’s office, you will be awarded with all the needed information about how many pills need to be taken on a daily basis and when to take a break.

calcium excessCalcium and heart attack risk

To strengthen your bones and to prevent them from breaking at any fall, calcium is needed. The human body can easily take calcium out of different dishes like milk or eggs, but what usually causes problems is the lack of vitamin D, which helps the body to retain it. Today, the market is full of calcium and vitamin D supplements and people are replacing important meals with such products. How can you know when too much is simply dangerous? Few people are aware of the fact that calcium taken in excess can increase the risk of heart attack. Calcium taken directly from the source, meaning foods, causes no changes in the blood flow, as the absorption process takes more time. Calcium in the form of pills over a long period of time damages the arteries.

 magnesium excess

Magnesium in high doses

Even though magnesium can treat many health problems and it is considered an essential mineral, taking a high doze can lead to severe consequences. Among the signs that reveal a magnesium intoxication are dizziness, nausea, even slow breathing and fainting. Magnesium supplements can interact with other such products, which is why it is very important to ask the doctor for his opinion. Also, it would be best to follow a proper diet, when following a magnesium treatment, so you can avoid reaching a high doze of this mineral.

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