Steps for getting your health insurance in France

France is not only a wonderful place to visit, but also a country with a good economic situation. But, if you plan to move here, at least for a couple of months or years, there are some things that you have to take into consideration. One of the most important of them is related to your medical assurance. Here is a small guide which can help you handle the whole situation better, in order to prove a hassle-free experience.


First comes first: decide how long you plan on staying in France

If you intend to find a job here or to start a complete new life, you should take care immediately of your medical insurance. It may seem like a complicated procedure, but it is not.

Second step: understand the consequences

In case you do not take care of your health assurance and you need some medical services, you will have to pay a lot of money. According to those who have already moved to France, the medical insurance is able to cover almost all of your spending, in case something happens to you. This also includes the maternity leave. Thus, if you plan on giving birth in France, you will have to think about your child and look for a health insurance. Moreover, do not waste precious time. If anyone from your family gets sick, things will become even more complicated.

Third step: do not do it alone

As mentioned before, the procedure of getting your medical insurance can be somehow confusing, but if you look for assurance maladie 93, you will forget about stress. The only thing you have to do is to call the agency and ask for guidance. The experts will help you get your papers and benefit some your medical insurance. But this is not the only important aspect. Ask the experts about health insurance for your kids or families. There are cases when they can automatically benefit from this insurance, if you have one. But experts can provide you more details.

Fourth step: it is a worth investment and a wise decision

According to studies, French medical system is one of the best in the entire Europe. There are people who come from other countries in order to receive medical services here. What is more, the World Health Organization decided that France is able to provide the “close to best health care system”. Not to mention that each year the Government spends a great percentage of the public budget on health care system. The majority of hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, which help the doctors provide the best medical services. On the other hand, medical experts also invest a lot of time in medical research for treatments and diagnostics.

Fifth step: find out what happens if you lose your job or if you get divorced

According to experts, if you have to go through any of the situations which were mentioned above, you will have to complete a form and let the agencies or the authorities know about aspect. It is highly important to be honest.

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