Revealing the secrets to how personal trainers motivate clients

The job a personal trainer is more difficult than others expect it to be due to the fact that many customers just can’t find the right motivation to continue exercising and eventually stop frequenting the gym. Customers get rapidly discouraged because fitness exercises in particular are demanding and exhausting and because many set unachievable goals. So, it is up to the personal trainers Roxburgh Park to find creative solutions in order to maintain clientele and help people find their way back to classes. Which is the optimal way in which trainers can motivate clients?

Permanent communication

In the beginning it is important to have a little chat with the client so as to find out what he really wants and to set realistic goals. Many strongly believe that after a couple of sessions they will be able to compete with the professionals. Once they realize that this is not the case they get rapidly discouraged and the failure deeply disturbs their inner confidence. Setting realistic goals means something like planning to do fifty push-ups in one session. On the basis of the factors mentioned before, it is obvious that the personal coach is at the same time a mentor and he needs to have a deep insight into the human psychology. Just as any regular psychotherapist, the personal trainer inquires about the hidden fears and future hopes. It also helps to ask once in a while how the customer is actually doing and what types of exercises he prefers.

Monitoring progress

While it is important in any field of activity to check the general progress of things so as to see if any advancements have been made, in physical training it is good for the client’s motivation to give positive feedbacks on his performance. Some people need to be pushed to do something and little rewards, also known as positive reinforcement, are a good idea to keep them going. It is believed that in order to succeed clients need to form an emotional connection with what they are doing in order to accomplish goals. A reward will give a sense of achievement and immediate results can trigger the need to work harder and maybe develop a feeling of competition.

Designing fun activities

Many clients view the idea of exercising as something physically demanding and unattractive. A workout should be a joyous activity and many rapidly lose any motivation they might have had in the beginning due to the obsessive repetition of the same tasks. Variety is necessary to make workout more effective and skilled personal trainers will know how to encompass different types of exercises to the routine. This is also beneficial for boosting the mobility of the person and stimulating the blood circulation. In addition to this, choosing an outdoor setting will give the client another motivation to start exercising.

In conclusion, experienced personal trainers are well aware of the tricks that need to be applied in order to keep peoples motivation up. The process of training means more than a fixed set of exercises designed for each individual. In order to get results, personal trainers now act as psychologists and actually become in time the intimate confident of the customer. Motivation is important because once the client has tasted failure and discouragement, there are little chances that he will ever regain the necessary confidence to continue.


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