Reasons to have a mold assessment

Many people do not realise how important is to check their houses to see if there is mould or other pollutants. It will assure their health and well-being, and in the same way will take care of their houses because mold can destroy their appliances. You should know that mold can be hidden in places you may not think of, and only home inspectors can trace it. Mold assessment in Toronto is advisable not only if you have a house but also if you plan to buy one. You should be sure that there is no mould before purchasing a new house and you should check it especially if you see any signs of moisture there. You may think that you breathe mold spores every day and you are still healthy, but you should know that when mold grows inside it is more harmful.


When you should take a mould assessment

You should take into consideration having a mold assessment if you see any unusual things in your house. You should call a specialist when you see some strange presence on furniture, building materials or personal belongings. You have to know that when you see mold growing definitely there is more of it hidden somewhere. Other sign that mold is present in your house is when you smell something funny. You might feel that there is something outdoorsy, musty, damp or something close to it. One important sign is that you are constantly sick. If you have health issues that last for a while, and symptoms as itchy eyes, runny nose or sneezing you have to take into consideration having a mould allergy. Take notice that your partner may not have the same symptoms because not all the people are allergic to mold. If you have a baby, you should definitely have a mold assessment to be sure that he raises in a healthy environment. You should know that indoor air quality can cause many problems to young people, and your little one might develop asthma. If you want to sell a place, you should check it to see if there is any trace of mould, because buyers might want to have a mould inspection and if they find it you will not receive the amount of money you want or you will not sell it at all. Other reason to have a mold assessment is if you had a recent water damage. You should know that mold needs moisture and water to grow and after such a damage mold can easily install.

What is the assessment purpose?

You should know that the first step in an assessment is to determine in a non-intrusive way if mold is present in your house. This is achieved by examining the surfaces of the house and if there is any trace of mould, samples will be taken to determine from what type it is. There are three types of samples that have to be taken in order to determine the type of mould: surfaces, air and bulk. Do not forget that you can see how much mould can harm you and your house only by having a mould assessment.

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