More Alcohol Myths to Ignore

As far as the professionals at alcohol rehab clinics are concerned, awareness and education constitute the key to fighting alcohol addiction. The fact that alcoholic drinks are widely available and regarded as something of a daily norm is exactly why so many individuals fall into harmful drinking habits without having understood they were headed for a big problem. Worse, there is a number of misconceptions and myths when it comes to alcohol consumption that are steering people down completely the wrong path.

So despite that so many of the following statements might be considered common knowledge, each one of them is nothing short of a potentially harmful myth that needs to be busted wide open:

1 – Beer Is The Best Drink For Recovering After Working Out

There is indeed some evidence that backs this specific untruth as the high concentration of vitamins, carbs and carbonation are just what the body wants after working out. Nevertheless, studies have shown that the fact that the human body also needs salt, potassium, sugars and other nutrients actually means that sports drinks will make usually a better option and do not contain any alcohol. The fact that alcoholic drinks have a dehydrating effect pretty much explains why beer doesn’t represent the best choice when one needs to recover after a workout.

2 – If You Make Yourself Sick, Your Hangover Will Be Less Bad

This myth circles around the idea that if you rid your body of as much alcohol in your stomach as possible, you will not feel as bad as usual the next day. Technically, if one were able to rid their body of the alcohol they ingested the previous night, this would indeed reduce the negative effects. Sadly, alcoholic drinks start making their way into the bloodstream the very moment they hit your mouth. Water and food might spend some time sitting around in your stomach – the case of alcohol is different. Therefore, by the time you decide to think about throwing up, there is probably little to no alcohol at all left in your stomach. Therefore, making yourself sick will only harm your digestive system and make you feel even worse.

3 – Take Aspirin or Ibuprofen Before Drinking Heavily To Reduce Hangovers

Theoretically, it is a very comforting idea and you would be forgiven for believing it might actually work. Sadly, it doesn’t – if anything these drugs have the potential to make you feel even worse. Taking any kind of medication when you do not need it is a bad idea. Additionally, the effects of these drugs last only a few hours which means that when the time comes when you need them they will be out of your system. And even worse, painkillers could be harmful to the lining of the stomach which could lead to alcohol being absorbed more quickly than usual. Therefore, you will end up drunk faster and with a worse hangover to follow.

4 – Eat Lots Of Greasy Food Before Falling Asleep And Your Hangover Won’t Be So Bad

Contrary to what many people believe, eating a ton of kebab or pizza before going to bed will not have a great deal of influence on your hangover. They might satisfy your munchies, but that’s all. It all comes down to the fact that by the time food enters your body, all alcohol you consumed will be absorbed and the damage done. Eating food like this will do nothing to assist your system metabolise the alcohol any quicker, which means your hangover will be as bad as usual. If anything, it will make more sense to eat generously before having a drink.

5 – If I Eat Plenty Before Going Out, I Won’t Get Drunk

Last up, and in contradiction to the previous statement, having a large meal before heading out will actually have no effect on how drunk you get later on. If you consume plenty of food before drinking alcohol, this will just slow the rate your system is able to absorb alcohol. Therefore, it might take longer for the alcohol to enter your system, but you will still get just as drunk as you would otherwise no matter how much you ate. It is merely a way to slow down the impact of alcohol, as opposed to stopping it. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea for obvious reasons, but do not fall into the trap of believing that a big meal will prevent you getting drunk.


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