Managing Expectations – What to Expect from Speech and Language Therapy

When considering speech and language therapists in Birmingham for your own child, it is important to become as familiar with the subject as possible.  With no experience or frame of reference to work with, the idea of speech and language therapy can be troubling and even traumatic. Working with the very best therapist available is of course of the utmost importance, but as a parent you will always play the important role in determining the overall outcome.

So in terms of what to expect and how to help bring about the best possible outcome for your child, here’s a quick rundown of just a few tips and words of advice from the experts:

1 – Don’t Expect Conclusive Answers

First and foremost, you have to be prepared for the fact that even the very best speech and language therapist on the face of the earth cannot and should not offer conclusive answers to certain questions. For example, if you were to ask exactly how long it will take for your child to overcome their problem or even whether they will definitely do so, a responsible and reputable therapist will not offer definitive answers. The reason being that each and every child along with each and every speech and language issue across the board will always be 100% unique. Which in turn means that until they had actually begun working with them and addressing the problem, they cannot possibly offer conclusive long-term ounces.

2 – Know it Can Take Time and Effort

Which is precisely why it is important to acknowledge the fact that it may take quite some time and effort to combat the problem. Just as some problems with speech and language that appear relatively severe can be quickly tackled, others that appear to be inconsequential take much longer than expected to address. If you are expecting a rapid outcome, you run the risk of attempting to rush the process and/or getting frustrated when progress isn’t as rapid as you anticipated.

3 – Be Ready to Play Your Part

Regardless of the nature and severity of the problem being investigated, it is you as a parent who will play the most significant role of all in the treatment process.  The reason being that your child will spend no less than 1% of their time with the speech therapist, meaning that most of the treatment takes place outside the therapist’s office. You will of course be provided with comprehensive support, guidance and instructions with regard to what you should be doing. But ultimately, you must be ready to play your part.

Managing Expectations – What to Expect from Speech and Language Therapy_2 Managing Expectations – What to Expect from Speech and Language Therapy_1

4 – Focus On the Positives

While you would of course prefer not to have to work with speech and language professionals, it is important to ensure that you focus on the positives at all times. Speech and language development problems are inherently negative by nature, but it is only by approaching them positively and considering the long-term outlook that the treatment process can be fully optimised in its effectiveness. In addition, the very last thing you want is to give your child the impression that what they are involved in is something negative or taxing.

5 – Do Your Homework

As a parent, there is absolutely no such thing as knowing too much about your child’s specific condition and the more you learn, the more reassured you will be. In addition to this, increasing your own knowledge and understanding means putting yourself in a much better position to help and assist with the treatment process. Any spare time available to you that can be used to research the subjects as intensively as possible should be used in exactly such a way, in accordance with the instructions and advice of the primary treatment provider.

6 – Work With the Best

Last but not least, aside from your own intervention it is the decision you make as to which treatment provider to work with that will have the biggest impact of all on the overall outcome. It is natural to assume that all speech and language therapists in business today are operating to the same high standards – the reality is, however, quite different. Making the right decision means taking into account things like locality, the specialism and background of the treatment provider in question, affordability, recommendations by past clients and your general compatibility with their approach to treatment. There are so many service providers available these days that you need never compromise – especially given the fact that it is the welfare and development of your child under discussion.

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