How to treat a cold before it even starts

Do you have a sore thereat and feel dizzy? Does your body ache and you have an overall bad mood without knowing why? Given that we are in full cold season, you might be facing with a cold or flu. This common seasonal sickness rarely comes without any warning signs and patients usually sense it about 24 hours before it begins to manifest aggressively. Adults catch an average of three colds per year, most probably during winter and each lasts for about 7-9 days. But you don’t have to let this seasonal illness take over, because fortunately you can treat a cold before it even starts and feel better in just 24 hours.

The first thing you should do when you feel like you’re catching a cold is drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is very important and if you also have a sore throat, then add a teaspoonful of salt into the water and use it for gargling. Salt reduces the inflammation, cleanses the mucosa and helps you eliminate bacteria. Natural fruit juices are just as effective, because they have vitamin C, which is well known kind of cold treatment.

Perhaps one of the most bothersome initial sign of a cold is a stuffy and running nose. When this symptom appears, you can use a nose spray or sea salt, which makes you feel better immediately. Another simple yet effective way to solve the problem is taking a hot shower: water will clean the airways, while the steam and perfume of the shower gel will release stuffy nose and relax you instantaneously.

Honey and lemon teaA common mistake people make when trying to treat a cold or prevent it is that they take medicine. Even though it will be effective in the first stage, it is not a good idea to make a habit our of this, because your body will develop a resistance to the cure and you might harm your stomach in the process. When the cold is not particularly aggressive and you only feel a few signs of discomfort, don’t rush to the nearest pharmacy for bags full of medicine. Try to replace them, as much as possible, with natural products. A warm (not hot!) cup of tea, with two teaspoonfuls of honey and a lot of lemon does wonders for your immune system: honey is a true weapon against sore throat and lemon has a lot of vitamin C.

Even though colds are not usually very severe, they can get very uncomfortable, preventing you from enjoying your daily activities, making you feel sad, weak and moody. Since the effects are also of a psychological nature, we feel tempted to skip meals, stay in bed and eat nothing. This is a great mistake, however, and even before the cold starts you should try to eat normal meals three times a day. Naturally, the number one choice should be the effective chicken soup, but don’t forget about fresh fruits and vegetables either.

When winter greets you with an uncomfortable cold, you don’t have to give up and just wait for it to pass. You can apply cold remedies before it even starts and just a few tricks will make you feel better in no time!

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