How to relieve insomnia without medication

Insomnia is something that affects many people these days. The increased stress levels at work, the unhealthy lifestyle choices and many other factors have contributed to an increased rate of insomnia and this condition starts from an early age and can even be found among young adults. Even though there might be medication to fight this condition, all drugs have their side effects, especially when taken long term and many people realise that they can no longer fall asleep without their regular dose of medicine. To this extent, here are a few remedies that anyone suffering from insomnia should try:


Investing in a hot tub

Even though this might seem like a luxury investment, there are many studies that should the therapeutic effects of hot-tubing. Hot tubs Ajax companies ensure their customers that their products provide stress relief, lower blood pressure and thus relieve insomnia and even arthritis. Professional tubs can even come with various lights, so your evening bath can become a true pampering ritual. The warm water will relax you and the various massage features that professional hot tubs come with will make every bath a true pleasure that will relax your body and your mind and enable you to have a good night’s sleep.



You might be sceptical about this, but the fact is that certain flavours help the brain to relax and induce sleep. There are even products that can be added in the water you bathe in, so you could easily combine this method with the hot tub for maximum results. Flavours such as lavender are known for their relaxing powers, but you can choose anything that you find soothing. People associate smells with various events in their lives or memories, which is why if lavender will not cut it for you, you could try something that smells like Christmas or the baked products your mother used to make. There are so many flavours available on the market these days, that you should not have any problems in fining exactly the one for you.


Exercise more

At this point you probably think that you do not have time to exercise, you are not a very active person and you are probably too tired for that anyone. But that is the thing, exercising will stimulate your blood flow and your body will increase blood calcium which in turn stimulates the production of dopamine, otherwise known as the happiness hormone. Dopamine will help you maintain a more positive state of mind and you will be able to forget about the things that keep you awake during the night. In addition, exercising will simply help you to fall asleep easier because your body will need rest to recover from the effort.


These are just a few things that you can try if you want to reduce your sleeping medication or not take it in the first place. Insomnia is a serious condition and should not be easily overlooked because it can cause serious long-term problems that are easier to avoid when you just take some time for yourself and invest in some small things that only make you happier.


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