How to maintain a youthful look

Did you know that the process of skin aging is genetically influenced only by a maximum rate of 30%? What this means is that a lot of the things that you do (or you don’t do) will influence the way your skin looks as you age. To this extent, these are a few tips on how to maintain a youthful look that every woman should know:

Always wear sunscreen protection

It goes without saying that you should not leave your house without wearing any sunscreen protection. Even the classic no-makeup makeup has a step that includes applying sunscreen protection and you should definitely not skip it, no matter what you plan to do. Whether you are going at the beach, you want to enjoy a day of shopping or you have a flight scheduled out, sunscreen protection is an absolute must.

Never skip your skincare routine

Sometimes it is very easy to skip your skincare routine if you get home late and you are so sleepy that you just feel that you cannot spend 10 minutes to do your entire skincare routine. However, a moisturized skin is a healthy skin and those 10 minutes you spend in the evening will allow you to look great the next day and not feel as if you cannot leave your house without applying a tone of foundation and concealer. Take advantage of every asap skincare sale you find online and always use these products every evening and every morning before your apply your makeup. Even if when you are in your 20s you may not see much of a difference, you will definitely be glad of maintaining your skin care routine when you are in your 40s and your skin looks 10 years younger.

Get enough sleep

While you sleep, the body releases hormones that stimulate cell regeneration. This is why it is called a beauty sleep and why you should try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night or even more if possible. You will not only feel rested and have energy throughout the day, but your skin will also have enough time to regenerate and heal itself. In addition, try to use skin products based on active ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acids, as these will help your skin regenerate faster and minimise the signs of ageing successfully.

Snack smart

Your diet does not just affect your waistline, but also your skin. Try to avoid consuming too much sugar, as it bonds with protein molecules and actually degrades skin. This does not mean that you cannot indulge yourself to something sweet once in a while, but you should try to avoid any excess consumption of sweet treats. In addition, make a habit out of drinking one cup of green tea every day, because it is filled with antioxidants that will do wonders for your skin. You should also introduce spinach, salmon and sweet-potatoes in your diet more often, as they contain essential minerals and vitamins that will make your skin look youthful.


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