Henna eyebrows – the beauty secret of oriental women

Nowadays women have many sleepless nights, because they are always busy with their family and work, and they forget that they should focus on being beautiful and healthy too. After a time they start noticing, that they face does not look as beautiful as it used to do and they have to find a way to cover the baggy eyes. In this case, they should inspire from the beauty of the oriental women, which is widely known and many poets have praised it. They should know that the secret of their beauty are the Henna eyebrows in Brisbane, which offer them a natural and attractive look. Everyone knows that the oriental women are hiding their face under Hijab, but the beauty of their eyes makes them envied even by Western women. And if you are not convinced if to try henna eyebrows here are some reasons.

Henna is natural

Maybe you are afraid to use henna because you consider that through time, it will damage your eyebrows, but you have to know that henna is a natural extract. The raw form is transformed in a paste, and it is used as an alternative to colouring and dyeing. It was used by women years before the chemical colours appeared, so you should give it a chance and use it too.

It lasts longer

The difference between henna and other eyebrow products is that it colours not only the hair but also the skin, and in this way, you will enjoy having beautiful eyebrows for a longer period. If you have it applied at a beauty salon, henna creates a stain on your skin that will make it last between five and seven days. The stain under the brow hair is very important because it creates the illusion of darker brows.

What to look for

If you want to dye your eyebrows at home, then you should follow some tips in order to achieve great results. You should purchase it form stores that keep their products in appropriate conditions, because henna should be stored in cold places. Look at its colours, because when it is in its best quality, henna is light green, and as it loses its potency its starts to fade. The key is to look at its production date, and if you notice an old date, and the product is still green, then you should avoid buying it because the producers might add it chemical green.


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