Healthy foods for the cold season

Winter is approaching with quick steps and you must be ready to face it. Usually, the human organism becomes more vulnerable when it’s cold outside, thus we’re more prone to catching a cold. That’s why you need to recharge your body with lots of vitamins and healthy food, so that you’d be ready o face any challenges the bad weather brings along with it. During winter days, you’ll find less groceries, less fruits, less vegetables to indulge yourself with. Still, when you need to eat healthy and maintain your diet, here’s what you can count on.


1. Pomegranates. They haven’t been so popular up until now, being usually encountered as juice. But you you can head off to the store and purchase these amazing fruits, eating them in their original form. These are the perfect antioxidants fruits, helping you reduce the level of cholesterol from the organism. That’s how you’ll have a better blood flow in your body, which means catching a could becomes less probable.

2. Green vegetables. Though you’ll spend some time looking after them, the kale, chard or collards are excellent during winter seasons. You can either eat them boiled with a portion of grilled chicken, or you could make a delicious salad. Not to mention the fact that you could cook a nice meal and if you’re up for more shopping, you can put them to freeze, a phenomenon which also eliminates their bitter taste. Such green vegetables are very rich in vitamins A, K and C which will improve your immunity system.

green vegetables

3. Citrus fruits. These you’ll love eating. You can make a delicious juice out of a combination of lemons, grapes and oranges. They all contain a very rich amount of Vitamin C, containing flavonoid which also lowers the LDL cholesterol. They’re also the perfect source preventing triglycerides. Besides, the smell of oranges when it’s so cold outside it’s more likely to be preferred instead of a hot cup of chocolate.

4. Potatoes. Would you have ever imagined that you’d need potatoes during winter season to survive the cold in a healthy condition? There are so many recipes which require a potato! You can add them in soups, creams, bake them in the oven, or boil them and prepare a delicious salad with mayonnaise. They contain a high level of healthy nutrients, being great boosters in the immunity system. They also contain vitamins C and B6 and lots of fibers. You’re less disposed to cancer, heart diseases or colds when including these ingredients in your daily meals.

baked potato

Overall, it’s not that hard to prepare a delicious meal, very rich in healthy ingredients. You just need to know what to pick and how to cook them, so that you’d fully enjoy your days in the open air, instead of sitting indoors due to the fear of catching a cold. Eating healthy is a very easy procedure with numerous benefits included. Besides, all four foods have a delightful taste and they’re very rich in ingredients the human organism needs to function properly.

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