Health and safety provisions for car service employees

Health and safety is a very important part of conducting any business and all companies, big or small, have health and safety procedures and policies in place, first because they are legally required to do so and secondly because it is for the best for everybody. Now, each business and working environment comes with its own set of risks and potential dangers, so these policies must be adapted to the particularities of each workplace, but also of every job description, as people working in the same company may not face the same risks if working in different departments and with different equipment. For people working in the automotive industry or car shops and services, there are two types of risks, that posed by the heavy equipment they’re using and that of the solvents and solutions they use. To that extent, it is important for employers to chose the parts washing detergent wisely, so that the risks can be kept to a minimum.


Indeed, technology has advanced greatly over the years and there are now all sort of part washers and fluids that have been developed with high tech concepts, actually engineered to increase cleaning efficiency while being used in advanced machines, but also to reduce environmental impact and, implicitly, any risks for the users. To that effect, car service employees, who use these solvents and detergents on a daily basis, can benefit from a healthier and safer workplace environment if the businesses invest in safe solvents. This refers to a parts washing detergent that has no hydrocarbons and no toxic solvents, which benefits not only the employee, but also the daily operations of the business, because the solvent separates from oil and therefore can be safely sent down the drain, without worrying about waste management or invalidating insurance policies. Whether it’s parts washing fluid or brake and clutch cleaner, car service employees work with these solvents most of the times, so having access to the best products on the market is not just a matter of quality of service, but one of health and safety as well.


All things taken into account, while health and safety provisions have a universal sphere of operation, when it comes to industries and work environments that deal with chemicals and solutions, they are most needed and they must be clearly stated and well implemented. For car service employees, these provisions refer to both equipment and solvents, parts washing detergent to brake cleaner and everything else that they use. Consequently, it is essential that employers take all necessary steps to ensuring that their employees are exposed to as minimum risk as possible, which in this case may simply refer to investing in high quality, technologically advanced solvents, which can be easily found on the market. The same is valid for equipment and tools, as some washers and machines have a lesser impact and risk levels than others.

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