Golden tips for a perfect silhouette

Having a perfect silhouette is every woman’s dream. They have images of how a perfect body looks like and often times, these images are built according to media or fashion industry standards. However, a perfect body is more than just magazine cover material, more than just aesthetics. Above all, a perfect body is highly functional and shaped according to your genetics hence this is the base that you have to refine. To this extent, there are plenty of diets that promise you flawless beauty as you snap your fingers, but most time you end up feeling tired and frustrated, especially when these diets involve starvation or strenuous exercises. Not to mention that if you stop, it is possible to gain back lost weight, sometimes some extra. If you fancy the idea of having a perfect silhouette, you must learn how to built and maintain an appealing and highly functional body in a healthy way.

There are some golden tips for a perfect silhouette that will help you in your endeavor without putting a danger on your physical or emotional health. You must be willing to make some small changes in your daily routine, but your effort is worthwhile taking into consideration the results. First and foremost, the first rule is to serve small and frequent meals because this gives your body a constant level of insulin and other digestive hormones. Food consumption at regular intervals helps you metabolism function at normal parameters and gives you the energy required to undertake daily activities and avoid unpleasant sensation of hunger. And a healthy breakfast is definitely the most important meal that provides your body the so-much needed fuel and energy so make sure it is packed with fibers and proteins, which will help you stay in a good shape throughout the day.

woman eating fruit saladSpeaking about food, it’s worth noting that the combination of lean protein and carbohydrates will help to eliminate fat deposited in muscle, slowing and stabilizing the level of insulin secretion in blood glucose. A gradual release of this is essential for hormonal balance. Besides, it maintains satiety for a longer time frame. At first, it might be a bit difficult to eat smaller amounts of food so often but your body will get used to this routine and it will feel much better. In addition, remember that dehydration is the main cause of physical discomfort, which is manifested by headaches and lethargic state. Not to mention that without water your body is not able to synthesize nutrients and eliminate toxins, which causes all sorts of illnesses. So another golden rule for a perfect silhouette is to drink plenty of water, at least 2 to 3 liters. Unsweetened tea and fruit juices make a perfect choice, for they hydrate your body and provide a boost of energy thanks to their antioxidants and vitamins.

healthy woman swimmingNext on the list of golden tips for a perfect silhouette is physical activity. It is highly important to exercise on a regular basis , for it helps you improve posture, circulation and flexibility. Not to mention that you can melt away extra pounds and inches without any hassle. The best part is that you don’t even have to go to gym if you don’t enjoy it. You should consider any type of physical activity that you like, be it gardening, walking, horse riding, hiking, swimming, however, they help you look great and feel even better. Furthermore, there is another golden rule for a perfect silhouette that you must follow: relax and relieve stress. When the stress level is high, the adrenal glands interpret this condition as a hazard and the level of cortisol is increased, which also leads to increased blood glucose levels, which inhibit the immune system. Stress also leads to increased hunger and desire to eat fatty or sweet foods, leading to weight gain. So if you want to build a perfect silhouette, you need to relax and relieve stress by doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, massage, sauna, warm bath with soothing music, a walk in
nature or anything that will make you happy.

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