Get fit with netball


If you are looking for a way to get fit, then you should try a team sport. In this way, you know that at a regular time, each week, you will have to meet with your team, and practice sport. Also, you will have to be active during the game, because you will have to keep the same level as your team fellows. So, if you are looking for a way to stay fit, you should consider playing social netball in London. This sport is considered to be similar to basketball, but you should know that there are some differences between them. When you play netball, you will be part of a team of seven persons. You will have to pass the ball by throwing it, because you are not allowed to dribble it. But, when it comes to the way this sport works your body, you should know that you will be able to see the difference quite soon.

You run a lot

During the game, you will run a lot around the pitch, because you will have to constantly change your direction and sprint on short distances. This is a great cardiovascular workout and in time, it will improve your agility, strength and fitness. During the game, you will cover a significant distance by running around the court. If you are a player in the centre position, you will have to cover the most of it, so you will tone your body.

Netball offers you flexibility

You will not need special equipment when you play netball. All you need is to have a netball pitch with two goals and a regular team tournament or practice. But, when it comes to individual skills, you have to be a gifted person, if you want to become a professional. You will have to attack and defend the goal, run, make opportunities and so on. In case you do not want to wear a uniform, to feel more like a team, you do no need special clothing.

Team cooperation is important

Netball is about teamwork, and this will not allow you as individual player to operate individually. Your player position is restricted to less than a half of the course, so you have to learn the rules and respect them. As a player, you will have to cooperate to defend, attack and score goals. Netball trains not only your body, but also your mind and social skills, so you should not skip a game.



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