Five tips for healthy eyes

Statistics show that every year, the United States are confronted with one million cases of eye conditions. Often neglected, the health of the eyes is not something which should be taken lightly, because a problem that might seem harmless now could have serious consequences in the future if left untreated. As always, prevention is better than curing, so here are five tips which can help you keep your eyes beautiful and most of all, healthy.

 1. Pay attention to hygiene

The first and most important thing in eye health is that you should do is have your own routine which involves washing your face two or three times a day. For best results, use quality projects created especially for the face, which do not harm the eyes and avoid as much as possible getting harmful substances into the sensitive area around the eyes: cleanser, shampoo or irritating soap. It is also recommended to was your hands before touching the eyes and try not to rub your eyes, no matter how tired you might be, because the bacteria on your hands can cause many irritations and diseases.

2. Wear protective sunglasses

People are often tempted to believe that when winter comes the eyes don’t need protection against UV anymore. In fact, UV protection is something we need all year round, no matter if we go to the mountain or seaside. When you go in the mountains, there is a higher level of UV rays, because the air is rarefied and it doesn’t block their access anymore. It goes without saying that a summer spend without sunglasses and harm your eyes and especially the skin around them, so always make sure you wear quality lenses for perfect protection. There are even special sunglasses with double protection, which block not only the rays coming from the front, but also the ones coming from the back and reflected into the eyes.

 3. Go to an ophthalmologist regularly

Why go to an ophthalmologist if you don’t have any problems? The answer is simple: for prevention and to maintain eye health. Don’t forget to consult a specialist in order to find out in time about the potential problems you might have. If your job involves spending many hours in from of the computer, you are more prone to eye conditions and you should check the state of your eyes constantly. Also, never buy glasses without professional advice and never compromise on the quality of products used for this purpose.

4. Apply natural masks

Just a few cucumber slices can refresh your skin and have a relaxing effect on the eyes. Also, if you feel tired after a long day, apply cold compresses every evening. They can reduce dark circles around the eyes, swollen skin and help you feel more rested – all this without any cost, without expensive salon appointments and without any effort.

5. Simple exercises

If you feel your eyes are tired, have blurred vision, headaches or light sensitivity, you can eliminate the symptoms with a few simple exercises. Rub your hands together until they get warm, then gently press them against the closed eyes for 3-5 minutes, concentrating on the dark and breathing deeply. This exercise, simple as it may be, relaxes your eyes and even calms you down.

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