Fighting with addictions

More and more these days, you hear about people facing up to different addictions. From tobacco and alcohol to dangerous substances, individuals of all ages find it more and more hard to fight their addictions. Doctors warn all their patients about the serious side effects that most of these substances have. Unfortunately, without having a bit of discipline and self control, there is no telling about the damage caused. This being said, here are the most frequent addictions you are most likely to come across, as well as the health damage they can cause.

Smoking Addictssmoking addiction

Recent polls have shown that about 2.4 billion people of the entire globe population are smokers. Even though there were a lot of anti- smoking campaigns in Europe and the United States, people continue to smoke in a large number, carelessly regarding the health risks they are exposed to. Some think that by choosing cigarettes made up with a smaller amount of nicotine, things will change for the best and all heath damage is considerably reduce. This is false, because it is not just the nicotine that triggers illnesses in your organism. This substance creates the addiction, but your lungs are destroyed by 70 other substances in tobacco responsible for cancer. Carbon dioxide is among the most dangerous out of the chemicals found in a cigarette. Half of he number of smokers die of lung cancer, but besides this terrible and deadly disease smoking addicts can develop throat cancer, ovarian cancer, mouth cancer, TBC disease and so on. There are many methods which you can use to give up smoking, from nicotine patch to electric cigarettes, even your doctor can help you put together a plan in order to get rid of this addiction.

Alcohol AddictionAlcohol addiction

Because modern society is extremely stressful, more and more people are turning their heads towards drinking, thinking that this way problems will miraculously vanish. Just like any other addiction, it is very simple turn from an occasional drinker into an alcoholic. People have the false impression that they feel better while drinking, because this drug sedates the central nervous system. A glass of red wine helps he organism, but going beyond the limit set by doctors, addicts could experience several health issues like cirrhosis, impotence, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, even dementia. Society has identified this addiction as an important problem, as people tend to become unreasonable when drinking and the concentration level drops, causing the addict problems when it comes to keeping a job. A well known alcohol addiction treatment is the program Alcoholics Anonymous , where people facing this problem are taken step by step through a long healing process, being permanently supported by the group leaders. Here, they are taught to talk about their problems and to learn to handle difficult situation without having to drink alcohol.

Addiction is a serious matter, getting through a harder day seems like a challenge without a glass of wine or a smoke, but you have to consider that each time you fall in this trap, you risk losing your life on the long term.

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