Elementary knowledge about first aid

In medicine, everything starts with first aid. This is a vital practice (literally), and it can be defined as the help or support we are offering someone who has suffered any injury of harm. The main purpose of this activity is to preserve life, if the situation is critical, or to stop the issue from developing and becoming a threat for the patient’s life. In order to be able to offer help before a team of professionals reach the person in need, advanced knowledge is required, because you may save somebody’s life in case you witness an accident. More and more people decide to take specialized classes, and if you are thinking about where to have first aid training Ottawa, you should know that there are many practices which offer this preparation, all you have to do is research a little and choose the one you consider suitable for you. CPR preparation is extremely important, because during the classes you will acquire a set of skills through which you will get to save lives.

You will learn how to behave in a critical situation, and also which are the necessary techniques the process must contain. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, for example, is a procedure used for those who have lost their ability of breathing properly or are experiencing abnormal breathing, to maintain the normal functions of the body until further medical techniques can be applied. This is the first thing you are taught during the first air training, because it is a common procedure. In addition to this, you will also find how rescue techniques are made: the traditional method is pushing the chest of the person in need, because this will lead to a breathing reflex. However, this is a controversial method, and doctors all around the world argue about the complications which may appear, especially if the patient suffers from previous cardiac conditions, unknown to the rescuer. If you want to have a basic level of knowledge before attending the classes, you can look on the internet, because there are plenty of information sources, or in specialized clinics.

Furthermore, another important aspect is performing the procedures correctly. Rescue breath has some basic steps everyone should know and follow:  to begin with, as soon as you call for advanced help, you must find out if the person is conscious and make them lay on their back. Afterwards, you have to check if any damage has been caused to their limbs, and start the rescue breath process: make sure the airways are not blocked by anything, remove any garment or item which could hinder breathing, and put the body in a normal position. Check the vital signs (in no more than 10 seconds) and pay attention to any wound or internal damage – these could worsen the situation. If all these conditions are fulfilled, and you consider there is no more time to waste waiting for professional help, you can start performing chest compression and check the results after a few maneuvers.


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