CPR – the best first aid for cardiac arrest

First aid is extremely important, because accidents happen all the time and you have to be prepared to do anything to save someone else’s life. Most of the times, you do anything to prevent domestic or other small incidents, but when they occur, you cannot stay with folded hands. If you ever witness a critical situation, in which a person’s health or even life is put in danger, the best thing to do is, undoubtedly, to call for an ambulance or other specialized authority. Even if you do not have specialized medical training, there are still some basic procedures that you can perform in order to maintain the injured person in life, until specialized help arrives. A good example of this is the CPR method – cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which has been proven to save patients suffering from cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, only one third of the victims of this condition benefit from this first aid technique, because people are not well trained, and are thus afraid of causing more harm than good. As a solution of this, many associations and medical clinics are organizing CPR courses Ottawa, which represent the best option for those who want to be ready for unpredictable situations.

Even if many people often mistake cardiac arrest and heart attack, these are not the same condition. While the second one happens if the blood supply does not reach to the heart and the muscle is blocked, the first one is not related to a heart disease. It is true that it can be caused by a heart attack, but most of the times it appears when the ordinary heart rhythm is disrupted by various reasons and the heart cannot push blood to the other organs. The most common causes of cardiac arrest are represented by ordinary accidents, such as choking, drowning or electrocution, which is why you should be ready to intervene in case one of these takes place in your proximity. The first thing you should do is ask specialized assistance from professional doctors or paramedics, but meanwhile, you have to make sure the person remains alive, by performing the CPR technique: press fast and hard on the victim’s chest. These compressions can generate and artificially maintain the blood flow from the heart to the main organs of the body, which can be enough until the ambulance arrives. The professional medics will afterwards perform defibrillation with an automated external device named defibrillator, which is the traditional method to recover a patient after a heart shock, since it brings back the rhythm and blood circulation.

Unfortunately, few people who suffer from a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital survive, so the need for CPR training is high. If you attend such a preparation, you will learn not only technical things, such as the interval between compressions, strength and so on. In addition to this, you will work with professional doctor, assistants and paramedics, who will teach you how to react in crisis situation and maintain your calm. Besides the medical help, this is also a crucial feature in case you have to save someone else’s life.

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