Counselling – Seven Common Reasons for Seeking Professional Help

The United Kingdom is blessed with one of the most advanced and accessible professional counselling industries in the world.  Regardless of the nature of the problem and the financial situation of the individual in question, it is always possible to track down and reach out to a qualified counsellor of the highest calibre.

Nevertheless, research shows that the vast majority of people remain largely unaware of what exactly it is counsellors do and why thousands consult with counsellors each and every day. It’s the quintessential example of a service everyone is aware of, but firmly believes it exists for other people, rather than themselves. Nevertheless, experienced counsellors are able to offer such comprehensively valuable advice, guidance and coaching in so many areas of life that almost anyone could benefit from reaching out when the time is right.

So just to help shed a little light on the subject, here’s a quick overview of just a few of the most common subject areas for which adults of all ages to seek help from professional counsellors:

Stress and Anxiety

While it is normal for every person living a hectic 21st century lifestyle to occasionally feel anxious or stressed, others find their everyday lives blighted by one or both. The problem with anxiety is that the longer you live with it, the more you begin to feel that this is simply ‘the way you are’ and that there is no real problem to speak of. The only problem being that left unaddressed, chronic anxiety and stress can become steadily worse over time. Speaking to a counsellor can represent the first important step in combating and minimising feelings of stress and anxiety.


Counsellors also play an important role in assisting individuals with a wide variety of addictions. From drug addiction to gambling addiction to sex addiction and right through to Internet addiction, the vast majority of addictive behaviours can be detrimental, life-affecting and dangerous. More often than not, and even the most extreme cases, there is only so much any doctor can do to help, before the counsellor steps in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full blown addiction either – any kind of troubling compulsion whatsoever is something that can be addressed and treated with the help of a qualified counsellor.


While some individuals naturally bounce back from traumatic events and situations with relative ease, others bear the scars for much longer. In fact, each and every human being in the world reacts differently to these kinds of situations with no two cases of trauma ever being identical. The simple fact of the matter is that there is no right or wrong way of handling trauma or the recovery process that follows. Nevertheless, it can be extremely helpful to speak to a qualified professional when dealing with trauma of any kind.

Fears and Phobias

Contrary to popular belief, those that do not suffer from genuine phobias cannot even begin to imagine what it is like. It’s one thing to have a strong dislike for something, but when you live each and every day of your life constantly terrified about something that may be entirely out of your control, it can have a significant and on-going impact on absolutely everything you do. Given the fact that there is still nothing close to an outright ‘cure’ for any common phobia, counsellors offer the next best thing in the form of on-going support and treatment.

Workplace or Career Issues

At a slightly different end of the spectrum, counsellors can also offer outstanding advice and guidance when it comes to professional problems and setbacks. Whether dealing with a severe rut in the workplace, having trouble getting over being passed over for promotion or simply having become entirely lost with regard to your long-term goals and ambitions, the advice of a neutral third party with total objectivity could prove invaluable.

Confidence Issues

Self-esteem doesn’t grow on trees and nor is it the kind of thing you can expect to suddenly develop overnight. In fact, improving self-confidence to any notable extent often means a relatively long process with the help and advice of an experienced counsellor. Given the fact that it is absolutely impossible to get the most out of life without at least a modest amount of self-confidence, it is hardly surprising that this is one of the most common of all reasons why adults of all ages book consultations with counsellors.

Relationship Issues

Last up, it is often important to gain a fresh perspective on the situation when it comes to dealing with relationship issues. The fact that you are so emotionally connected to those important to you can often make it borderline impossible to approach instances of conflict with a clear, level, logical and rational head. As such, even just a few words from an experienced individual with absolutely no bias or emotional ties whatsoever could be all it takes to help make a real difference.

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