Common conditions that can be treated with massage therapy

Even though for some people massage may not exactly seem like a form of treatment for anything, it can in fact have beneficial effects for many common conditions that people deal with on a daily basis. In fact, physiotherapy assistants in Ottawa often recommend their patients a few sessions of massage as well, in order to heal from any residual pain or injuries they might have left after their treatment. These are just a few common problems that can be solves with a few sessions of massage therapy:


Lower back pain

Pain in the low back can be the result of many factors including an incorrect sitting position, which is why many people who spend a lot of time sitting at the office, in front of their computer suffer from this type of pain. To this extent, massage therapy is an excellent form of treatment because it does not involve any medication and it can alleviate the pain very efficiently. Of course, the results depend on the severity of the problem and it might be necessary to combine the massage sessions with something else, but generally one massage every week will do wonders for someone’s general health.


Anxiety and depression

A massage relaxes the body completely and makes you forget about everything that causes you to be stressed. Depression is one of the biggest problems in today’s society because in between work and social pressure, many people feel that they cannot cope with the pressure that they are under and end up depressed. During a massage you will relax, forget about your problems even for a little time and maybe gain a more positive outlook on life.


Headaches and migraines

Similar with anxiety and depression, the massage will relax your body and mind, thus alleviating pain successfully. While it may not take away your migraine completely, it will at least allow you to take fewer pills. In case of mild headaches, you may not need any medication altogether and simply enjoy a good night’s sleep after your relaxing massage.



Much like many other modern problems, many people these days struggle with insomnia because of their hectic lifestyle. This is why many doctors recommend massage therapy, as it is a great alternative to medication and offers excellent results to those who are willing to give it a shot. The fact is during a massage session you will relax and you will be able to improve your sleep quality significantly.

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