Common causes for severe headaches

Headaches can severely affect your lifestyle, as they might keep you from doing your daily tasks and activities. Unfortunately, not many people give this pain real importance, at least not until a small headache turns into a severe migraine. So, if you are facing such problems and have notice that your working rhythm has been altered, then it is time to start taking this matter seriously and find the reason for these recurrent pains. Here are just a few of the possible causes which can trigger a powerful migraine.

Eye issues

eye issues headaches
This is probably the most common cause. Because the eyes are highly used, people who have a poor eyesight will force their muscles to get a good look at something, which will immediately activate a headache. The best thing you could do is to visit an ophthalmologist and see if you need to wear glasses or not. Moreover, there are people who are sensitive to powerful light, but luckily there are special lenses which can help your eyes receive the optimum level of light. Additionally, severe vision illnesses like glaucoma are responsible for headaches as they can induce pain inside the head structure.

A stressful lifestyle

Stressed Man
Stress is responsible for many health issues and unfortunately, it is very difficult to keep it away. You may develop a stressful lifestyle mostly due to your work environment and changing your job is not sufficient, as you will most likely find another one just as stressful. Worrying about every little thing will cause the blood level pumped into your veins to go up and down in a short period of time, which will ultimately lead to numerous pressure variations. You will immediately feel dizzy and a strong headache will begin. Stress can lead you to even more dangerous heart problems, which cannot be dealt with only through the use of pain killers.

Unhealthy nutrition

unheathy diet
It is very important to have a healthy diet full of vitamins and proteins, because otherwise you might endanger your organism. People suffering from migraines have noticed that processed food, meaning bacon, salami, sausages is responsible for their constant pain. Cheese like Emmentaler or the famous blue cheese are not recommended for people who often experience headaches. Furthermore, even though migraine painkillers are made using a certain amount of caffeine, drinking this beverage too much will increase the number of your headaches. Even the well known black Indian tea cause you pain.

Throat, nose and ears afflictions

throat afflictions headaches
The ear and nose channel connect with each other and with the nervous system, which is why any disorder can be responsible for triggering a migraine. The most common nose illness is the sinusitis,  which usually appears after a serious cold or different powerful allergies. Moreover, deviated septum is an affliction which most people have and which does not allow the brain to be properly oxygenated. Also, any ear, throat and ear infection caused by a virus or a bacteria will ultimately lead to migraines.

All in all, taking care of your health means treating all pains with the same interest. Simple headaches left untreated can easily turn into severe migraines, which can affect your lifestyle. A visit to the doctor’s practice will identify the true cause.

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