CEREC crowns – the latest innovation in tooth restoration


The last thing that any patient wants to hear is that he needs dental crowns. Nonetheless, this treatment is necessary in order to enhance the health and, more importantly, the appearance of the smile. Crowns are priceless tools because they allow the dentist to both repair and restore a tooth that has been affected by damage and decay. While there are many solutions to this problem, none are as efficient as CEREC crowns. Should you be interested to avoid the negative elements associated with traditional crowns, then consider going to Accolade Dental and put in this type of crown. They come with a number of benefits.

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC is a process that is used to make tooth restorations such as crowns, veneers or bridges. At present, dental labs use CAD/CAM technology to fabricate these types of crowns. The reason why it is considered the future of dentistry is that it is highly accurate because the tooth is scanned and read by the computer for fabrication. In order to restore the natural look of the teeth, the dentist has to have considerable experience and skills. The fees of getting CEREC crowns are typically the same.

It only takes one visit

Patients have to schedule two appointments so as to be able to get normal crowns. More precisely, the patient has to see the dentist to have a dental impression made. The main requirement of the traditional dental impression is precision because the impression material is highly sensitive to temperature and time. Afterwards, the impression is sent to the laboratory to be created. The accuracy of the procedure is conditioned by the method, the temperature and the time of pour. However, during this traditional method of making a crown is not as efficient as a scanned impression. The dentist is given more freedom to make adjustments to the crown when he is working with CAD/CAM technology since he works on a computer. Another advantage is that the dentist is able to perform a clearer read of the margins.

Goodbye impressions

There are two main disadvantages to dental impressions. The first one is related to the procedure that implies placing a substance in the mouth in order to create a mold of the teeth. Not only is this uncomfortable, but also annoying. CEREC I all about digital imaging, meaning that it is easier to identify all the necessary information and the patient does not have to go through the ordeal of impressions.


The major advantage of CEREC technology is that the restoration is very resistant to cracks and fissures thanks to the single solid block of porcelain. Compared to other material, CEREC actually last longer, about 18 years depending on the exposition to the wear and tear. The fact is that traditional crowns are no so strong owing to the fact that the method of pressing and layering is not powerful enough.

Great smile

Feeling good about your smile is one of the most important aspects of self-confidence. People who have either chipped or cracked teeth usually avoid smiling and eventually develop psychological problems. CEREC crowns actually help patients preserve a natural look because they improve the aspect of various dental issues. Your smile is restored in a matter of hours and it will be more attractive as well.

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