Care assistants have multiple job opportunities

Care assistants are persons that enjoy helping people and that want to make a difference in other people’s lives. Care assistants help persons that have difficulties in doing their daily activities. They can work with people that have learning or physical disabilities, older persons or children. They have plenty of experience in this domain, and are friendly and caring with the persons they work with. Because they can work with so many types of persons, there is a great asking for care assistant jobs.


Places where care assistants can work

Care assistants have multiple job opportunities because they can help people that deal with different conditions. Usually they are looking for jobs on online platforms, which makes it very easy to find jobs in hospitals. They are people that love what they do, and this makes very easy for them to go and work in a hospital that is located on other city than their home is. In hospitals they wash and dress patients, they serve them meals and feed the ones that are too weak to eat by themselves. They are also making beds for their patients, talk with them and try to make them comfortable while being there. Sometimes, they monitor the patient’s conditions by taking their pulse, temperature, and respirations. If they find a job in a health centre or GP surgery, they have different responsibilities. They have to do health checks, sterilise equipment, take blood samples or process lab samples. In some cases they also have to do health education work and health promotion. When they are looking for a job on an online job platform, they can find opportunities to work with midwives, doctors or other healthcare professionals. In all of these cases, they have contact with patients, and provide them individual care.

Why people choose to be care assistants

Young people choose this career because they have the possibility of selecting from many specializations after they graduate. They can work with families, schools, health care centres or substance abuse centres. When they have to hire they have multiple opportunities, because hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, substance abuse clinics or the military need these type of employees. Licensed clinical care assistants can work as private practitioners, and this allows them to work on their own. In addition, young people that find satisfaction from helping others, often choose this job. They have the opportunity to make a career from a thing they love to do, because they can help persons deal with divorce, unemployment, poverty, illness, discrimination or addiction. They achieve great satisfaction by helping their clients get a good life. This job brings people satisfaction with their earnings also, because depending on the employer, their earnings offer the possibility of having a good life. Many young people become care assistants because they know that the outlook for this position is a huge one. There are multiple positions open for young practitioners, and their number grows every year with at least 20%. The number of jobs depends on the speciality, but online platforms have a job opportunity for every new graduate.

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