Aqueous cleaners – the safest solution for you and the environment

Parts washers are pieces of equipment any automotive business must have, whether we are speaking of manufacturing companies or garages. These devices are used to clean parts and components and prepare them for assembly or delivery. Even if few people are aware of this, parts washers were used long time ago and have a long history behind. Initially, they were just some tanks filled with water were parts were placed, and when the dirt got moist, somebody would remove it manually. Fortunately, nowadays the evolution of technology has led to the apparition of modern and performing machines which use advanced methods and efficient solutions. Whether you buy your own or you use leased parts washing equipment, you must know that as far as cleaning agents are concerned, there are two main types of solutions used in the automotive domain: solvents and aqueous cleaners. While the first ones are strong detergents resulting from chemical processing, the second category is represented by water based products. Ever since the environmental concern has become so popular among people all over the world, there have been introduced certain rules and regulations regarding the type of cleaning agents recognized by law.


These two types of agents are very different, and some people prefer the first category due to its strong cleaning effects. These are recommended for remote operations and small items, since they are known to be hazardous and cause harm to the environment. Taking this into consideration, it seems that aqueous solutions are the safer alternative, which has become popular because it is eco-friendly and secure. In the past years, traditional detergents have received a lot of negative reviews, but despite this, they still have a series of benefits no one can deny. Among this, you have to know about their high efficiency rate and the fact that solvent machines are easier to operate and less expensive. However, most people prefer to use water based solutions and devices, because these are not bad for the environment in any way and they help the cleaning process be faster. This is mainly due to the fact that once they are cleaned; the parts take less time to dry. These are not only beneficial for those who use them, but also for the environment, not causing it any harm. In addition to this, they are easy to eliminate and do not require the use of special waste system.


Some people may say that since they are made mostly of water, these solutions are not efficient against grime and oils, but this is not true. Instead of removing the dirt through chemical dissolution, parts washers that operate with aqueous agents use heat, agitation and power as the main processes. Their activity is similar to that of a dishwasher: the components are rotated and the grim is broken into small particles by strong jet. The cleaning and the draining is made automatically, so that the employers are devoid of any danger or risk of being involved in an accident.

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