A cure in your kitchen – spices health benefits

You can always find them in your kitchen: spices are a key element when you want your food to be flavored and tasty. They have always held an important spot in gastronomy due to their beneficial properties: they smell great, have aphrodisiac effects, help you burn fats, have a better digestion and, last but not least, they are part of a balanced diet, having a low calorie count. Nutritionists never seize to praise the power of spices and new studies are published every month, reiterating what we have known since days of yore: nature is the best way to stay healthy and spices have sometimes miraculous properties. If we also add the fact that famous chefs count on exotic spices to create new and delicious foods, then it’s obvious you should learn to look at this key ingredient in your kitchen with a new perspective. However, you should not exaggerate, because there are some conditions implying that you should keep a moderate spice consumption. Here are the most considerable spices health benefits and several words of caution.

Selection of spices in the market


Because they contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, spices protect you from several conditions, destroying germs with their antiseptic and bactericide properties. For many years, they have been used to preserve foods, especially in warm climates and now you can simply add them to your recipes and apart from the delicious taste, get some health benefits as well. Besides, scientists say that spices slow that the aging of cells and protect the body against cancerous and cardiovascular conditions, because they are rich in antioxidants that fight the damaging effects of free radicals. For those who have problems with blood pressure, glucose and triglycerides levels, spices are the ideal solution to enjoy a healthy, yet tasty meal, salt, sugar and fats being easily replaceable with the delicious exotic aromas that not only turn every food into an optimum culinary delight for the needs of your body, but also help you lose weight. This wonderful spices advantage is based on the fact that they re-educate your taste buds, maximizing the flavor of your food and helping you diversify your diet, so that you will not feel obliged to eat only bland foods and turn to those forbidden pleasure while you’re trying to drop some pounds.

Various spicesWhile they have many benefits, spices should be avoided if you have problems with your digestive system. This involves stomach conditions and hemorrhoids as well, because, when eaten in significant quantities, spices irritate the mucosa and even cause hemorrhoid crisis. Moreover, they can also be responsible for the eruption of some allergies that general manifest under the form of pruritus or urticaria around the mouth, cases in which you should consult a specialist, find out which spices cause the problem and then exclude them from your diet. The spices which usually trigger adverse reactions are anise, fennel, pepper, paprika and fenugreek.

As always, a well balanced diet will keep the doctor away. By learning to use spices with moderation, your body will thank you and in time, your taste buds will not be the only ones happy. You will have a stronger immunity, healthier skin and an overall more positive attitude.

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